About Us

In 1938, Nona & Aubrey Lankford started a small fruit stand in the heart of the 4th Ward in Houston, Texas.  In 1939 they relocated across the street to our current location of 88 Dennis.  Originally it was a Mom & Pop Grocery Store.  We started making Deli Sandwiches in the early '70's.  In the late 1970's we introduced the Burger.  The first Daily Lunch Plate special back in the '80's was the Enchilada Plate, which is still the same recipe today. In the early '90's the restaurant  became popular as the neighborhood changed and the grocery store concept was ushered out for the burgers.  

Lankford's Grocery & Market is managed by local legend, Eydie Lankford Prior, and husband Cotton.  Continuing on the legacy of this family owned and operated business and joining Eydie and Cotton is son Dean Newhouse, Daughter-In-Law Jessica Prior, and Grandson Jordan Prior.  In addition much of our success is contributed to the loyal staff that we have been blessed with for many years.

Mission Statement

We have nothing small, nothing healthy, and nothing fast.  We never give you a check, but that does not mean its free.  You pay at the register as you leave.  If you do not have 30 minutes to spend, you should try us another day.  We have great food, but its not fast food.  Everything is made to order just like you like it!